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There are several factors that go into deciding whether or not to set bail in any particular criminal case and if so what the amount of that bail might be, but the ultimate decision is up to the discretion of the judge. He can call on the investigative reports about the defendant, testimony from character witnesses and of course he will take into consideration the circumstances surrounding the crime. Some jurisdictions have adopted bail algorithms which use math and statistics to determine flight risk. The defendant’s age and criminal history are among the data that factors into this system which is still being scrutinized.

The judge’s biggest concerns are the protection of the community and if the defendant can be trusted to remain in the district and appear for all required court hearings. A history of violence or abuse of any kind will raise a red flag as will the means and opportunity for escape.

Conditional release is often the outcome. The judge may agree to grant bail but with certain stipulations that the defendant must consent to before he can be released. He must agree to abide by the law, avoid communication with witnesses or prospective jury members that may influence the trial and attend rehab classes when specified.

Once the bail amount has been determined the defendant will be able to pay it and start to work together with his defense attorney to prove his innocence, or will he? All things considered, the cost of the bail may be beyond the defendant’s means. In this case, he can depend on help from a locally well-established bail bond agency.

Not only will the agency provide monetary support but the agent assigned to the defendant will help him and his or her family get through the court system and make arrangements for outpatient consultations or support group meetings. Transportation to and from the courthouse can also be provided.

You can rely on BWB Bail Bonds services in Denver, CO. Agents are on hand to answer your call @ 720-358-2908.

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