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Trouble with a capital T, that’s what can come from an argument that suddenly turns ugly or a party that somehow gets out of control. Whatever the case may be if someone you care about has been arrested as a result you will need to take steps asap.

The immediate goal is to get your friend or loved one out of jail. There are a few options here, one of which is that he be released on his own recognizance meaning that he agrees to come back to court for his official trial and any pre-trial hearings that may come up in the meantime. If the defendant is considered by the court to be trustworthy and if there is no prior criminal record he will be a good candidate for this kind of arrangement.

If a defendant is seen as being a “flight risk” it means that the court for one reason or another suspects a strong possibility that the defendant will try to escape his judgment day by fleeing the jurisdiction. It could be that the defendant is known to have the financial means or connections to enable his escape or that the evidence against him is strong enough that the odds of his being found innocent in a court of law are slim, to say the least. In this case, the court has the prerogative to demand that the defendant post bail in exchange for his release from custody.

The court will set bail in compliance with the standard schedule or he may use his personal discretion. If the bail amount is too high for the defendant to afford he may contact a bail bond agency for help. If you agree to co-sign the bond the bail agent will meet with you and the defendant to iron out the terms of the bail agreement. Once the paperwork is complete the defendant will be free to retain an attorney and work out a plan of defense.

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