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As with any kind of contract a bail agreement has advantages and risks for all the parties concerned. The defendant for example, by putting up just 10% of the amount of bail money that a judge has imposed can be freed from custody while awaiting his or her trial date. At the same time the defendant will be obliged to follow any and all of the stipulations that may be attached by the court. If he fails to do so his bail may be revoked and he will face a second arrest and possible additional charges.

The bail agency receives a fee for paying the lion’s share of the bail security. The bond agency is backed up by a surety but if the bail is revoked it is ultimately a loss for the agency. If the defendant decides to try to avoid prosecution and the bail agent fails to bring him back for trial the agency may lose all credibility for future sanction. Considering the risk factor the bail agency may ask that there be a co-signer to the loan. The co-signer may be required to provide the agency with some form of collateral to further insure the bond.

Bail gives the court the opportunity to take some of the burden away from overcrowded district jail facilities. If a judge sees that a defendant presents little to no flight risk and that all considerations point to the likeliness that he will adhere to his promise to return for all required court appearances, granting bail will benefit all concerned.

Having a bail agent can be a big advantage for the defendant whose continued freedom is contingent on obeying specific rules set down by the court. The job description of a bail bondsman includes encouraging the client to attend classes, seek counseling or do whatever has been stipulated in order to live up to his part of the bail agreement.

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