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The most common reason that defendants choose to employ the help of a bail bond agency is that the amount of the bail is just too much for them to cover alone.  The decision to allot the bail is strictly up to the judge’s discretion although he is usually influenced by certain circumstance surrounding the situation.  If for instance, personal violence was involved or a deadly weapon was used in the act the bail amount is sure to be higher.

Other than the monetary advantage of having an agency post your bond is the expediency that comes with the bondsman’s experience in dealing with the court system.  If the agency has been in business in the jurisdiction for some time the agents have no doubt come to know the judges and court officials pretty well.  They will also be familiar with the jailhouse and the efficiency of the preliminary booking procedures.  These factors will vary according to the size of the facility and how many cases go through the proceedings in a typical day.

The main goal of posting bail is to gain the defendant’s release asap.  The sooner he is free to get back to his place of employment the better the chances of keeping his job.  If he can show evidence at his trial that he is a respected member of his community with full time employment jury members will be duly impressed.

There may be certain stipulations that the defendant must comply with as a condition of his freedom.  A common demand is that the he stay clear of others who have a criminal record.  This can be hard to do if close friends or family members are concerned.  When a bail agent is assigned to a case he takes on a certain amount of responsibility for keeping his client from doing anything to jeopardize the bail agreement.  The agent will have no problem being used as an excuse if the defendant needs a reason to explain why he’s staying on the straight and narrow.

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