How to Handle a Denver Bail Bonds Situation

Should you ever receive a phone call from a buddy or family member explaining that they have been arrested, you probably need to make yourself familiar with the process for how to bail a person out of jail. Generally the individual arrested will receive one phone call, therefore if you’re that call, then the obligation of getting him or her out of jail happens to be yours. This process does not need to be difficult; however it can be costly depending on the severity of the crime committed.

Here are the steps and possible road blocks for bailing a person out of jail.

The first possible road block could be the requirement of a cash bond only.
Let’s examine the standard cash bond procedure:

1. Contact the local jail in which the person has been placed and speak with somebody in booking. It is very important verify if it is going to be a cash bond only. Should this be the situation, then you will not be able to proceed through a bail bondsman.
2. You must determine how much the cash bond is going to be and when you will be allowed to pick your friend or family member up from jail.
3. When “post bail” be sure to take cash, most holding facilities will not accept checks.
4. After you pay, the person will be released to you and you are accountable to ensure that they attend their court dates.

Using a Bail Bonding Service.

1. Based on the bail amount set, you may find it difficult to rustle up enough money in a short time. In this case the best option is to contact a Denver bail bonds agent. The bonding company will provide the resources and know how to pilot the legal system.
2. Be prepared to answer several questions when you contact a bail bondsman. You will need to explain you relation to the person needing bonded out jail. The amount of time the person has been locked up will also become a factor as this individual could be viewed as a liability. The bail bondsman will require a good bit of information to compose a bond that is essentially an assurance contract that affirms that the individual posting bail will be present at their court date. The Bail Bond company must make certain that the individual they are bailing out is not going to “skip out” upon release.
3. The customary fee paid to the bail bondsman is 10% – 15%, this is the payment obtained for their assistance in the process.
4. As soon as the documentation is finished and accepted, the individual shall be discharged into your custody. It’s vital for the individual who hired the bail bonding company to understand , it is their responsibility to ensure the individual bailed out will show up for their court date. In the event that the individual fails to appear or even flees the area, you are going to be liable for the complete bail amount.
Hopefully the facts listed above provide clarification and better understanding should you ever need the services of a bail bondsman.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, please call Bail with Bryan in Denver. He has the expertise to help you through the entire process.

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