Getting Through The Process

If you are placed under arrest you will be processed according to the procedural schedule of the particular jail where you have been taken. Even though your first and foremost concern is how to get out of the situation you will be wise to be patient and comply with the rules of incarceration. Every jail has its own agenda but the basic turn of events will involve fingerprinting, photographing and surrendering your personal possessions. You may be required to submit to a thorough body search as well.

Once you get through the booking process you can start to concentrate on being released pending trial. If you aren’t eligible to be released on your own recognizance you will be required to pay the amount of bail that the judge has determined for your case. Eligibility will depend on the seriousness of the crime you have been accused of, whether or not the judge sees you as a possible threat to the community or if you are determined to be likely to flee the jurisdiction in order to prevent prosecution.

Most people don’t have the financial means to come up with the cash or collateral to pay the bail. Fortunately there are bail agencies that will pledge the funds to the court on their behalf. A bail bondsman is available 24/7 and will be on hand to make the arrangements for a client’s release as soon as it is allowed.

The jailhouse may be busy and the magistrate overloaded with pending cases. They have no responsibility to go into detail to explain the accountability that goes along with your release on bail. Trust your bail bondsman to go over the obligations that you will be under while you are free on bail. It is important that you understand and observe any restrictions and demands that have been put upon you so that you can retain your freedom.

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