Getting Through The Paperwork

Whether it’s stored on a computer or filed away in a desk drawer, there seems to be a lot of paperwork involved with anything we need to do these days.  The bail bonding system is no exception.  From the time a bondsman is first contacted until the time of the resolution of his defendant’s case there are forms to fill out and applications to turn in.

First there is the Defendant Bail Bond Application.  It is primarily an information sheet detailing data about the defendant and listing the names of personal references.  This form requires the defendant to provide the address of his current employment and the name and phone number of his employer, as well as that of his spouse, if applicable. There is also a place on the form for the defendant’s co-signer to fill out.

Depending on the size of the bail, a bonding agency may require that an independent party guarantees to pay the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court at the specified times.  If the risk is extremely high the bond agreement may also require that some sort of collateral be provided.

If the collateral is in the form of real property the co-signer will relinquish the deed to the bondsman in return for a signed receipt.  If the co-signer is putting up a piece of jewelry or valuable collectible the receipt will include a description of the item at the time the bondsman takes possession of it.  The bond agency has the right to store the collateral in a public facility and charge the defendant or co-signer with the fees as long they are made aware of the arrangement before the contract is signed.

Some agencies allow clients to pay the fee a bit at a time.  In this case, the client will sign a “memorandum agreement” which will state the full amount of the fee, how much money the client paid down, and a schedule for sequential payments to be met.  Both the client and the agency will keep a copy of this agreement.

The payment options available through BWB Bail Bonds are offered in hopes of making the process easier for clients and family members.  Call BWB @ 720-358-2908.


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