Get Out Of Jail ASAP

Most people have a friend or at least know of someone who has been arrested on a DUI charge, but it is a whole different story if it happens to you or a family member. In most cases the defendant will be released on his own recognizance or allowed to post bail, but some extenuating circumstances may be cause for a judge to order that a defendant be held in custody until trial.

Unless a judge sees that a defendant has a history of previous DUI charges or if there was personal injury involved in an accident caused by the defendant, a reasonable bail amount will be set and the defendant will be able to arrange for release.

Anyone would naturally want to get out of jail asap but it is especially important for a DUI defendant to be free to find an experienced lawyer and start working with him to build a defense in order to be be ready for the trial date. Facing the loss of your driver’s license on top of possibly having to go to jail can be devastating.

You will probably will not have to face any serious jail time, but the loss of your driving privileges can have a detrimental effect on your employment as well as disrupting your family’s entire way of life. If you can’t drive yourself someone else will have to take you wherever you have to go. An experienced lawyer familiar with the DUI laws of your state can greatly improve your chances for getting charges dropped or at least reduced. The sooner you can begin collaboration the better so getting out of jail is your first order of business.

A successful defense may revolve around the arresting police officer’s testimony. If your attorney can bring it into question it may be enough to influence the judge. If the testimony rests on the officer’s judgement of your demeanor at the time of the arrest your attorney may be able to present evidence that your behavior was the result of some other circumstance like extreme fatigue or the side effects of a prescribed medication.

The best move you can make is to call for help asap. In Denver make that call to BWB Bail Bonds @ 720-358-2908.

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