Gaining Your Freedom Is The Primary Goal

If you are arrested on suspicion of committing a crime you’ll want to do everything in your power to prove your innocence. The best first step is to get yourself out of jail asap. In most cases bail will be set by the court at your arraignment hearing. Even though the law mandates that the bail amount be reasonable it may be too much for any one person to afford. A bail agency however, can post a bond with the court representing the promise that you will return for your trial date.

Once a defendant is free on bail he can return to his job, provide for his family and find a defense lawyer to represent his case in court. The fact that you can meet with your attorney outside of the confines of a jailhouse will definitely benefit your chances of establishing your case. Inmates have been known to overhear conversations between fellow prisoners and their lawyers and pass information onto the prosecuting attorney in return for a favorable outcome of their own case. Even though it may be regarded as hearsay the testimony given in a courtroom can be detrimental to the defense.

Being free to help your lawyer get ready for your day in court means that you can help track down witnesses that can back up your account of the facts surrounding the alleged crime. You will be able to return to the scene and describe to your lawyer exactly what led up to the incident and how you may have been falsely accused.

When you’re taken away from your family they may also lose the respect of their friends and neighbors and worst of all, school classmates. No child wants to hear his dad referred to as a “jailbird” on the playground during recess. If you’re still an active parent and visible in the community no one will have reason to suspect that you have had a run in with the law, all thanks to your bail agency.

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