Fact And Fable

Greek legend tells the story of Damon and Pythias, two young men who shared such a close friendship that when Pythias was arrested and imprisoned Damon took his place in jail so that Pythias could go home to say goodbye to his family and make sure they would be provided for. The stipulation was that if Pythias failed to return by the appointed time Damon would be punished in his place. Pythias did return and the powers that be were so impressed with the bonds of friendship between the two men that they granted freedom to both.

How does this inspiring fable relate to present time reality? A bail bond agency acting the part of Damon if you will put up the money to render a client’s release from custody with the promise by Pythias, in this case, the client, that he will return to the court in time for his trial. If the client fails to back up his promise the bail agency loses their investment.

One of the main objectives for anyone whose freedom has been taken away is to get back to his loved ones. A reputable bail agency can do that and more for their client. Your life is basically put on hold once you are behind bars and if enough time goes by there is the all too real risk that you could lose your job your home, even your family. No employer should be expected to hold a position open indefinitely, no matter how good an employee you have been unless of course your boss’s name happens to be Damon.

The route through the judicial system is full of twists and turns, a representative from a bail agency located in the jurisdiction will be familiar with the workings of the local court. He can make the experience as easy as possible for you and your family during what can be a very taxing time.

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