Use the Experience of an Aurora Bondsman to Help you Through the Bail Process

If you are arrested and “booked” into custody, the next step will be to arrange bail, with the help of an Aurora bondsman.  Once bail is set, your bondsman will settle with the court to achieve your release.

Instead of collateral, you can arrange for a co-signer to assure that you will appear for all future court dates, including your trial.  All you need is a responsible citizen who is currently employed, and willing to stand up for you.

Not every bond agency will be available to you 24/7, but BWB Bail Bonds is.  Just call 720-358-2908, and an agent will be at your service, and will stay with you through the bailing out process.  He will help you and your family with any questions you might have concerning bail conditions, and your responsibility to the court.  Take advantage of the expertise, and experience of your BWB Aurora Bondsman.

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