Ensure A Speedy Release

If you are totally unfamiliar with the way the legal system operates when you are suddenly thrown into it you may feel completely helpless as to know what to do next. Say a family member finds himself the victim of a set of circumstances that has landed him in jail and he needs your help to bail him out. Don’t panic when you hear how much it will cost. You won’t actually have to pay the total amount of the bail that has been set.

A reputable bail bond agency like BWB Bail Bonds in Denver can put your mind to ease. They can post a bond with the court that will serve as a promise to appear for trial and your loved one will be released in no time. When you contact BWB the agent that you speak to will ask for some basic information about the client. He will need to have the client’s full name and where he is being detained (city, state and the name of the jail). If you know what the amount of the bail is the agent can tell you how much it will take to secure the release.

It is not unusual for a bonding agency to ask that some sort of collateral be offered in addition to the minimal fee. Property, art work, jewelry, anything of significant real value can serve as collateral. If you offer a piece of real estate the agency will ask that you provide proof of ownership, e.g., a deed to the property and that you relinquish it to them until the case against the client has been resolved. Whatever form of collateral you choose to submit will be held in a place of security during the legal proceedings. At the conclusion of the trial no matter the outcome, your collateral will be returned to you.

Bryan Easley heads up the team of experienced agents that represent BWB Bail Bonds throughout the state of Colorado. Every operative connected with the agency is well acquainted with the workings of his or her particular jurisdiction. You can reach an agent by calling 720-358-2908.

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