A Denver Bondsman Can Reach Statewide

The BWB Bail Bonds agency has personnel conveniently located throughout the state of Colorado ready to help you, or help you help a friend, arrange for bail, and get released from custody ASAP.

The going fee rate is 15% of the amount set at the bail hearing. This is what you will pay a Denver bondsman for his services. A reputable agency, like BWB will advise you up front of any additional charges that may be appropriate, so that you will be aware of them before you sign an agreement.

A bail bond attorney can take care of making bail arrangement for you. The attorney will contact a Denver bondsman, provide all the necessary information , and handle all the paperwork. Your bail attorney will be responsible for keeping you aware of any extra costs, or court fees, aside from the original payment to the bondsman.

Call on the services of BWB Bail Bonds. Reach them anytime at 720-358-2908

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