A Denver Bail Bondsman Knows the Importance of Pre-Trial Release

Part of the Criminal Justice Standards on PreTrial Release states that “…..Deprivation of liberty pending trial is harsh and oppressive…” Research studies have shown that this is the case in more ways than one.

It has been determined that defendants who have been denied bail, and forced to await trial in custody, are treated more harshly. A Denver bail bondsman knows that those defendants, if found guilty of committing the crime they were charged with, have been known to be given longer prison terms, and are less likely to be able to plea bargain, than defendants who were allowed bail.

Being incarcerated for long periods of time has been proven to result in poor prospects for future employment, and an increased likelihood for habitual relapse into criminal behavior. Social workers, and legal advisors are usually needed for a successful transition to society.

Bryan Easley is a Denver bail bondsman who believes that every client deserves a chance for the best outcome possible, and will work towards that goal. Call BWB Bail Bonds, available 24/7 at 720-358-2908

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