Just How Do Denver Bail Bonds Work?

Bail Bond service providers hold a contractual agreement with the courts in the state and county which they do business. In accordance with these agreements, the bail bondsman is permitted to post a “blanket” bond to the court. The amount of money that is posted is far below the original bail sum established by the judge. In fact, the bail bondsman plays the role of a surety for the defendant’s arrival back in court on the correct date and time. The bail bond gives the courts permission to hold the Denver bail bonds company accountable for providing compensation to the court for the total sum of the original bail if the person fails to show up in court.

In the event that an accused person escapes trial, the bail bondsman will want to locate and ensure that he/she makes an appearance before the court to obtain the total bail sum or collect the monetary award for delivering the accused back to court. An individual who attempts to avoid showing before court is known as a “Bail Jumper”.

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