Denver Bail Bonds Available 24/7

High crime bonds are possible, although the price of the bond will be steep. Any history of previous arrests, or in cases of high income defendants, will trigger a higher bond. Having a lawyer present at the bail bond hearing is usually a good idea, but he/she will probably not be able to argue successfully for a lower bail price.

If you are found to pose no “threat to society,” and the circumstances of the incident allege your innocence, or if the events leading up to the offense suggest self-defense, you may well be able to post bail, if you can guarantee an established address and assure the court that you intend to appear for trial procedures. The incidence of violence involved will also influence the court’s ruling.

If you need bail in Colorado, BWB Bail Bonds, a Denver Bail Bonds Agency is your best chance for a speedy release. BWB offers their services throughout the state of Colorado. Call this Denver Bail Bonds Agency at 720-358-2908, available day or night.

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