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The majority of defendants that will come before a court on any given day will be granted bail. The main reason for the infrequent denial is that the defendant has been determined to be a “flight risk.” This means that the prosecution has convinced the judge that the defendant is willing and able to avoid possible conviction by escaping to another state or country.

There are several factors that a judge will consider in evaluating a defendant’s likeliness to flee the jurisdiction. Opportunity tops the list. The defendant in a white collar crime case is often under suspicion. It may be presumed for instance, that someone who has been involved in a fraudulent conspiracy may have stashed away “getaway money” in anticipation of being caught.

If a defendant is a public figure or known to be a “person of means,” he is apt to be considered a flight risk simply because he has access to unlimited funds or the convenience of a private means of escape. He may also have contacts in foreign countries to help him avoid extradition.

A bail bondsman isn’t there just to see to the details of posting funds for his client’s release. Once that has been taken care of the bondsman becomes responsible to make sure that the defendant shows up for all court dates leading up to and including his trial. It is in the bond agency’s best interests to be as sure as possible that the defendant will adhere to any and all of the contingencies surrounding his bail.

A bondsman will look beyond the typical legal considerations and pay more attention to the things in the defendant’s life that would make him want to have his name cleared in a court of law. Family ties, a steady job and a genuine attachment to his community are all important factors that will influence the opinion of an experienced bail bondsman.

The agents who represent BWB Bail Bonds throughout the state of Colorado are aware that an innocent person can unwittingly become involved in a situation that has spun out of control. Call BWB @ 720-358-2908 for the help and support that you need.

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