Consider Your Responsibility

When you think about what kind of collateral you may be able to provide as part of a bail bond agreement you may assume that it would have to be something of serious value such as a rare piece of art or a beachfront vacation home.  Actually, any personal belonging that is worth as much or more than the bail amount is usually accepted by a bail bond agency.  You should understand however, that any kind of collateral that you offer will be impounded for the duration of the case so you may not want to part with something like your computer for instance, that you may need to refer to  on a daily basis.  

If the home that you intend to submit as collateral is mortgaged arrangements may take a little longer but most bail agencies will work with you to make it happen.  The same applies to a car, boat or other possession that you purchased on credit and are still making payments on.

There is a substantial risk involved in putting up the collateral for someone else’s release on bail.  A reputable bondsman will explain the details of the agreement and the possible repercussions involved before you commit yourself.  You may not be aware for instance, that if your friend, aka the defendant should decide to attempt to skip town instead of facing trial you will be liable to pay the court the bail money.  If you can’t come up with the cash your collateral may be forfeited.  Rule #1 – be sure you can trust the person you are taking responsibility for.

Your collateral will be returned to you if the defendant follows the conditions and rules of his bail agreement and  when the case against him is concluded.  The outcome isn’t a condition of the recovery.  You will get you property back whether he is found guilty or not guilty or if the charges against him are dropped at any time leading up to trial.

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