Common Questions You Should Ask

When you first contact a bail bond agency the representative that you speak to will ask some basic questions. He will need to know the name of the defendant that you are acting on behalf of, where he or she is being detained and on what charges. Once you have supplied this pertinent information it will be your turn to ask the questions. An experienced bondsman will be able to address your concerns and begin proceedings to have your friend or relative released from custody.

Legitimate bail bond agencies charge a general fee of 10% of the total amount of the bail that has been set in the case. Ask for certification of licensing and check it out with the department of insurance in your state. Be wary of any discount offers.

Speed is of the essence. You want to get your loved one out of jail asap. But remember, a bondsman can only control one part of the process. Even if he is on spot in posting the bond, the defendant will still have to go through the system. If the court is backed up or if the caseload is unusually heavy release can be slow in coming. A creditable bondsman won’t make promises that he can’t keep.

Sometimes circumstances of a case will call for extra protection against liability. When a bondsman posts bail for a client the agency that he represents automatically takes on responsibility for seeing to it that the defendant appears at trial. In order to protect themselves the agency may ask for some form of collateral e.g., the deed to a property, to insure compliance with this stipulation. Be sure to settle on an arrangement up front.

You never know how long a criminal case may be drawn out in the courts. A bail bond is generally good for a one year period after which you will need to pay an additional fee to the agency. Ask your bail agent about this contingency.

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