Collateral Isn’t Always An Issue

It’s not easy to ask a friend or relative to bail you out of jail, especially when they may be required to offer up some kind of collateral to insure the bond. The fact is that in a lot of cases collateral will not be necessary. A no collateral bond may merely require that the defendant give his promise in writing to return to the court to answer the charges registered against him and pay the agency a fee for their services. There is however, the issue of eligibility.

A defendant who is applying for a no collateral bond will have to answer some personal questions. A bonding business is looking for evidence that the client is a responsible person who can be trusted to live up to his obligation both to the justice system and to the agency. Of course the crime itself and circumstances surrounding it will factor into the final consideration but other than that a defendant who has been a member of his community for a long enough time to have put down roots there will be considered to be less of a flight risk. If he is currently employed by a well established place of business the defendant will earn even more points.

The indemnitor or cosigner, of the bond will come under a certain amount of scrutiny as well. Someone of good character who has no history of criminal activity or a previous arrest record would make a good impression on a bond agent.

If a defendant has a warrant out for his arrest and is ready to turn himself in to the authorities he will have a much better outcome if he has a bail bond in hand. It will speed the paperwork along and chances are good that he can avoid being put behind bars.

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