Collateral Is A Temporary Precaution

Most people who walk out of their homes in the morning don’t expect to be arrested by the end of the day. So of course they wouldn’t think to carry enough cash for bail money or have someone standing by the phone to take a call for help. But if the unforeseen does happen a bail bondsman can become your best friend real quick!

You’ll have to go through the usual process of being fingerprinted and photographed at the police station before you even see the judge. You will also have to give up your wallet and your phone in the process and probably be kept waiting in a holding cell until your arraignment. Hopefully the jurisdiction won’t be too busy that day and your bail can be set sooner rather than later.

Once the judge has determined your bail your bandsman can start the ball rolling toward getting you released from custody. There will be some business to take care of however. When a bondsman agrees to represent a defendant he is taking on somewhat of a risk. If the defendant gets cold feet for instance, and decides to skip town to avoid a trial the bondsman is left holding the bag. In order to guard against loss, a bonding agency will often ask for some sort of collateral usually in the form of cash or property.

The type of collateral will be decided in part by how you answer the questions that the bondsman puts to you. He will want to know how long you have lived in the community. If you can convince him that you have a job or a family that you hold dear he will be more likely to believe that you will be willing to stick to the conditions of your bail.

Whatever the collateral might be it will be returned to you at the completion of your trial – no matter what the outcome. Even if you wind up pleading out you will get your money or your possession back.

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