Certain Factors Will Influence What A Judge Deems Fair When It Comes To Setting Bail

Two defendants accused of the same crime may not necessarily have to pay the same amount of bail in order to gain their release from custody. Bail amounts are totally up to to the judge presiding over the case. He may be influenced by various aspects connected to the incident.

How serious is the crime? This is a big deciding point for determining bail. A simple assault charge for instance, is filed against a defendant who has been accused of threatening to injure another person whereas aggravated assault means that the defendant physically attempted to cause the injury. Bail in such cases could range from $15,000 to $100,000 depending on the judge’s discretion.

Drug possession falls under the category of serious crimes. The amount of drugs found on the defendant at the time of his arrest will be the determining factor when the judge is considering bail. If the defendant is suspected of trying to sell the drugs, a whole other set of circumstances come into play.

Burglary is defined by degrees. A third degree burglary charge can be registered against a defendant who was found on someone else’s property for the suspected purpose of trying to steal something from that property. Charges can also stem from the property owner asking the defendant to leave the property and the defendant refusing. Second degree burglary charges almost always involve commercial properties, while third degree burglary is determined by the use of anything that can be perceived as a weapon while committing the crime. Burglary may be considered a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the evidence provided.

There are other things that a judge will look at to help him determine a bail amount. If the defendant has a criminal record it will definitely tip the scales against him. Any history of the defendant having committed a crime similar to the one he is currently accused of will undoubtedly increase the rate of bail assigned to his case.

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