Certain Conditions May Apply

There are very few circumstances under which a defendant will be denied bail, but there may be some conditions imposed before a judge grants the release. The determination of bailable and non-bailable offenses is made by the judicial system but the conditions that apply to any particular bailable offense are in the hands of the judge who is hearing the case. However, there are some generalities that usually apply.

No more mistakes! A defendant who has been released from custody on bail has to obey the law, there is no room for leeway here. A second arrest can mean that the defendant’s bail may be revoked and the chances that a judge will grant a second bail are slim. Any hope of the prosecuting attorney offering a plea deal in the original case is likely go out the window if there is a second arrest.

If the defendant has been charged with DUI or some other drug or alcohol related offense he will be monitored for sobriety. In some cases the judge may order that the defendant enter into some form of rehabilitation.

Defendants who pose any level of flight risk will be restricted in their freedom to travel. The judge may demand that the defendant surrender his passport and security checkpoints will be alerted.

People are often judged by the company they keep. This is especially true for someone who is free under conditions of bail. He will have to stay away from known felons or anyone the judge deems to be a dangerous influence. He will also be required to steer clear of anyone who may be called as a witness in the impending trial.

“Idle hands….” If the defendant is currently employed he will be instructed by the court to report for work as usual. If he is not employed he will be strongly encouraged to make every effort to find a job.

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