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If you don’t have the cash to pay your way out of jail, and most people don’t, you will need to go through a bail bondsman.  As soon as you have been processed through the jail system call a friend on the outside who can help you make arrangements.  You will have to use the jail’s phone as yours will have been confiscated after your arrest.  Be patient and don’t complain about the wait, remember that your attitude and behavior will be noted and may come up at your arraignment.

Before you make your call have in mind what you need to say.  There may be a post in the jailhouse listing some of the local bail bond agencies.  If so, your contact can use the information to go online and find out more.  There are some basic facts that the bondsman will need to know in order to get the ball rolling toward your release.  He will want your full and legal name, where you are being held and the charges against you.

The friend or relative that you call on for help may be required to provide some sort of collateral to the bail bondsman so be sure you choose someone who is in a position to do so and who believes you to be trustworthy.  He will after all be risking personal loss if you do not meet the obligations of your release.

Once bail arrangements have been completed you will be free to return to your home, resume your employment and do what you can to help build your defense – as long as you comply with the stipulations that have been attached to your bail.  If you miss a court date without having a REALLY GOOD reason you will be risking your newfound freedom.  Your bail bondsman will be on hand to remind you when an appearance is slated.

Let BWB Bail Bonds in Denver take some of the pressure off during such a stressful situation.  Our bondsmen can be of significant help to you and your family members.  Find the help you need, call 720-358-2908.

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