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In some cases, a person may just be getting through what he thinks is going to be a routine day when suddenly circumstances change, and he finds himself in the middle of some kind of altercation that leads to his arrest. A disagreement with a co-worker for instance, or a confrontation with a hostile commuter can evolve into a situation that calls for police intervention. If you are involved in such an incident, you will need the help of someone who is familiar with the bail process of the county in which you were arrested.

Some stipulations may be different according to county regulations, but generally speaking there are basic procedures that you will have to undergo before you can reach out for help. When you are taken into custody at the scene of an alleged crime, a police officer will take you to the county jail where you will be advised of your rights, searched, photographed, and fingerprinted. Then you will be allowed to contact a family member, or call a bail bondsman. Law enforcement officials cannot advise you who to call, but you will find a list of local bondsmen at the jail, along with contact information.

It’s important that you have the representation of a bail bondsman who is well acquainted with the jurisdiction. He will know the particulars of the system, be familiar with the judges that may hear your case, and recognize other officers of the court. His knowledge of the workings of the court may help speed things along in getting you released from custody.

BWB Bail Bonds is a bonding agency providing services to the people of Colorado. They are represented in every county throughout the state, with local bondsmen ready to lend a helping hand when you need it. Bryan Easley founded the company and has expanded it over the years. Bryan has had plenty of experience in law enforcement having been an officer himself. He stays in personal contact with the counties that BWB serves, and often travels to touch base with the bondsmen personally.

Call BWB @ 303-835-9421 and get the help that you need from the best in the business.

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