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Any one of us can make a wrong choice or become a victim of unforeseen circumstances that can land us behind bars and at the mercy of the court. If we’re lucky enough to have a friend or relative who is willing to help bail us out we should be grateful. Being free to continue with our lives and prepare to answer the charges that have been brought against us is a very big deal but it may come with some responsibilities.

Depending on the extent of your involvement and the seriousness of the criminal offense that you have been accused of the judge may assign certain conditions to your bail agreement. It may be that you will have to attend sessions for anger management or alcohol and drug abuse outpatient clinics. You may even be restricted in the company you keep, no convicted felons or persons having anything to do with the particulars of your case. These decisions will be made by the judge at the time bail is set.

Anyone who is considered by the court to be a flight risk, meaning that he is apt to try to avoid judgement by fleeing the district, may have to surrender their driver’s license or passport and their travel plans will be strictly limited.

If you are placed under any restrictions a violation may cost you your freedom. The judge could let you off with a warning, raise the bail amount or fine you for contempt. Or, he could revoke your bail and issue a warrant for your arrest. At the top of a list of no-no’s while free on bail is to miss a court ordered hearing. There are some extenuating circumstances that may be considered an acceptable excuse but they are rare. The best thing to do if you are legitimately detained or are physically unable to get to court in time for a hearing is to let your bail bondsman know asap. He may be able to intervene on your behalf.

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