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“Jumping bail” is doublespeak for failing to show up at a court ordered appearance after a defendant has been released on bail pending trial. There could be several reasons for the judge to convene court in relation to an upcoming trial. Pre-trial motions are commonly brought by both the prosecution and the defense in the days leading up to the trial. They could pertain to evidence or witness testimony or any number of issues that may arise. If the court deems that the defendant be present, he must comply.

Both state and federal laws consider “failure to appear” a crime in itself. If a defendant doesn’t show up for a court appointed appearance his release on bail could be overturned and he could face additional charges. There is the matter of intent however.

In most states the prosecution must prove that the defendant purposely skipped out on his court date for him to be guilty of a failure to appear charge. In order to do this the prosecuting attorney will have to provide evidence that the defendant was indeed informed of the obligatory appearance. The proof could be in the form of a registered letter having been issued by the court to the defendant or the original bail bond could contain wording that outlines the accountability.

Part of the job of a bail bondsman is to help his client remember court dates and on occasion even get him to the court on time for a scheduled hearing. As soon as a defendant realizes that he has missed a court appearance he should contact his bondsman. There are some legitimate excuses that the courts will acknowledge but they must be well documented and backed up with evidence. If a defendant has been in an automobile accident for instance, photographs along with insurance and police reports may serve as affirmations.

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