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When you are arrested, and a judge grants you bail, you have a few choices. You can pay the full amount of the bail yourself, or with the help of a friend, call a bail bondsman to put up the money for you or, you can just stay in jail until your court date. Most people will choose to get out of jail, one way or another.

If you opt to pay up front, you will get your money back, providing that you appear for all your court dates up to and including the trial, but remember that bail may amount to thousands of dollars.

A Denver bondsman will charge a percentage of the bail amount, usually 10 – 15%, as a fee for his services. His experience with the judicial system will work in your favor for a speedy release.

Your third choice – to remain in jail awaiting trial, will keep you away from your family and friends, and your job, for what could be an extended period of time.

BWB Bail Bonds is the Denver Bondsman to call for a quick response, and efficient action. Call ASAS: 720-*358-2908.

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