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Being arrested and hauled off to jail can be a scary experience to say the least. If you or a loved one has never before had a run-in with the law you may not know where to turn for help. Fortunately the US justice system allows for bail which makes it possible for most people who have been accused of a crime to be free to go on with their lives while awaiting their day in court. Bail is the money paid to the court that represents the defendant’s promise to appear as ordered by the judge.

In some cases there can be more than one court hearing leading up to the actual trial. Hearings can be held to determine what evidence may or may not be introduced at trial, what witnesses can testify in court, or to rule on other pretrial motions. A defendant may be required to be present for some or all of these hearings which will be stipulated in the bail agreement. If a defendant fails to appear he is at risk of losing his freedom and forfeiting his bail.

If a defendant can afford to post the entire amount of the bail set by the court he can do so and be on his way but most people will need the help of a bail bond agency. The defendant will pay the bond agency a minimal fee to post the bail on his behalf after which the defendant will be released from custody.

Part of the bail bond agreement may include a cosigner, someone who will take responsibility in case the defendant should fail to uphold his part of the bargain with the court. A cosigner should be an established member of the community with a good credit history. A current and long standing employment record is a basic asset.

BWB Bail Bonds in Denver uses the latest in telecommunication technology to be able to make bail arrangements throughout Colorado and beyond. BWB agents are available to clients 24/7. Call right now @ 720-358-2908.

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