BWB Knows the Laws that Govern Bail Bonds in Aurora

Colorado laws having to do with bail bonds are often specific to the crime.  Violations of bail conditions will be cause to revoke the bail, increase it, or remand the defendant to custody.

A prosecutor has the prerogative to file a separate legal action against the violator, and if he is convicted, the defendant WILL serve one year in a Colorado correctional facility – no probation.  This may be a little known provision, but as they say, “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

A BWB Bail Bonds agent will know all the laws governing bail bonds in Aurora, and one of the first things he will tell you is to follow your bail conditions to a T!  He will offer his full support with advice and counsel while you wait for your trial date.

The people at BWB are sympathetic to your plight, and they are experienced with bail bonds in Aurora procedures.  They can cut through the red tape to speed up your release.  Call 720-358-2908 to get the help that you need – now!

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