Fact And Fable

Greek legend tells the story of Damon and Pythias, two young men who shared such a close friendship that when Pythias was arrested and imprisoned Damon took his place in jail so that Pythias could go home to say goodbye to his family and make sure they would be provided for. The stipulation was that if Pythias failed to...
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What About Collateral?

Bail bond agencies usually require some form of collateral from the client or the co-signer of the bond, in addition to the fee for services. It is their way of protecting themselves in case the client decides to skip town in order to avoid prosecution. Collateral can be anything that is worth as much as the amount of...
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A Lot Will Depend On The Circumstances

Statistics show us that the number of arrests for DUI surge over the holidays, from Thanksgiving eve thru New Year’s Day. Theories vary as to why some believe it has to do with the increased efforts by law enforcement to crackdown on impaired drivers by establishing additional DUI checkpoints. Sometimes it’s simply a lapse of good judgment...
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Help Is At Hand From BWB

There are several factors that go into deciding whether or not to set bail in any particular criminal case and if so what the amount of that bail might be, but the ultimate decision is up to the discretion of the judge. He can call on the investigative reports about the defendant, testimony from character witnesses and of course...
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You Can Count On Your Bail Bondsman

You hardly expect to be arrested and taken off to jail so that when it happens you probably won’t have the cash on hand to bail yourself out. Or, you just may not be able to afford it. Actually, going through a bail bond agency rather than paying in cash may be to your benefit in the...
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