Be Ready When The Time Comes

If you’re like most people you have little to no first hand knowledge of the bail bonding system. Any number of circumstances however, at any given time, can put you in the position of needing the services of a well established bail agency. It’s hard to think clearly when someone close to you has been arrested and you are trying desperately to regain their freedom. There are some basic things that you need to know in order to find the help that you need.

First of all, a Colorado bondsman must be licensed through the state’s Department of Insurance. Next, there’s no point in looking for a bondsman that charges less – all fees are regulated by state law. The maximum fee that a Colorado bonding agency can charge is 15% of the bail amount set by the court. Those are the givens.

Now you look for a bondsman that represents an agency that is well known in the area and has earned a good reputation. Search the internet websites and read about the services that the various agencies provide. Pay special attention to the reviews from previous clients.

Experience is a valuable asset. If the agency has been in business for awhile their bondsmen will be familiar with the state jurisdictions and know how best to work their way through the myriad of necessary paperwork and particularities of the different districts.

People experiencing the trauma and drama of being handcuffed, led off to the jailhouse and put through the humility of the booking process are apt to look for help from any source at hand. The facts are that the jail personnel is not there to help you get out and the court officials work for the prosecution. You will be much better off putting your efforts toward finding a bondsman that will have only your interests in mind.

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