Be Ready To Post Bail ASAP

When a person is suspected of committing a crime and is arrested by the police he will be taken to jail and undergo booking. The suspect will have to surrender his personal effects which will be listed and filed away for safe keeping until his release on bail. A background check will be run on the suspect to see if he has a criminal record, or if there is an outstanding warrant for his arrest on another incident. He may also be tested to determine any level of inebriation. Once the booking process has been completed the suspect will be allowed to make a phone call. This is his opportunity to contact a bail bondsman and get the ball rolling for his release.

If the suspect has been charged with a misdemeanor he will most likely be allowed to post bail immediately after he has gone through booking. On the other hand, he may have to wait until a judge can schedule a bail hearing to determine if bail should be granted and if so, what the amount of the bail will be. If the suspect has already met with a bondsman he can be ready to post as soon as the hearing has determined the details of his release.

When a bondsman takes a suspect on as his client, he is responsible for seeing that that suspect meets all the conditions for bail that have been laid down by the court. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a suspect may be placed on curfew, ordered to attend anger management or alcohol rehab classes, prohibited from travel outside the jurisdiction, or any other stipulation that the court may have considered to be prudent. But the main concern of the bondsman is to make sure that his client appear on time for all appointed court dates leading up to, and including his trial.

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