Be Aware Of The Responsibilities

Of course you would want to do anything in your power to help someone you love. Hopefully you will never have to be put on the spot of having to decide whether or not to bail a friend or relative out of jail. But, if you ever are faced with that dilemma there are some facts that you should be made aware of before you agree to commit.

First of all there is the fee. A reputable bond agency will charge the going rate for the state, in Colorado that is 15% of the bail amount. This fee is in payment for the services that the agency will provide. A bond agent will be available to the client and his family for the duration – until the case has been resolved. The fee will be required as part of the agreement you sign with the agency so the question you should ask yourself is if you can rely on your friend or relative to reimburse you for the expense.

Next question? Are you ready to take on the responsibility that goes along with bailing someone out of jail? It isn’t as simple as it may sound. Depending on the charges against him your friend may be ordered to comply with certain provisions that have been attached to his eligibility for bail. If he fails to do so his bail may be revoked by the court. Worst case scenario – your friend decides to take his chances and go on the run from the law. If you have co-signed for his release or put up collateral on his behalf you may lose your investment.

How will getting involved affect your personal life? You don’t want to make any hasty decisions before asking your immediate family members for their take on the situation. Chances are good that they will agree with your assessment of the situation and encourage you to help, but they will also appreciate being consulted.

BWB Bail Bonds is on hand to serve the citizens of Colorado. Your assigned agent will answer your questions and offer invaluable advice throughout your experience. Call BWB @ 720-358-2908.

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