Bail Provides Widespread Advantages

The US bail system is designed to benefit everyone concerned. First and foremost it allows a citizen who has been accused of a crime the opportunity to remain free until the courts are ready to determine his guilt or innocence. In the meantime the defendant will be free to find a lawyer and contribute to building a defense strategy. He can meet with his defense attorney at any time during the process without having to contend with jailhouse visiting stipulations.

A defendant’s family is often dependent on his income. If the defendant can keep his employment status while awaiting trial his family members will be able to continue their lives as usual and be spared the embarrassment of having to explain his sudden absence. When an employee is incarcerated he can be at serious risk of losing his job. Trial preparations can take some time and business owners don’t want production rates to be affected by a lack of manpower.

The defendant and his family are not the only ones who are grateful for the availability of bail. Unfortunately, the jails in this country are sorely overcrowded. Bail makes it possible to lessen the population significantly. It also cuts down on auxiliary personnel and decreases housing and feeding costs which is good news for the average taxpayer.

Don’t think that bail allows a defendant free rein or encourages him to resume an irresponsible lifestyle. The fundamental rule governing a defendant’s release on bail is his promise to keep all court appointed hearings up to and including his trial date. If he fails to do so there will be repercussions and he could find himself right back behind prison bars but this time bail will not be an option. Special circumstances may call for more specific stipulations. The court could issue an order stating that a defendant must avoid contact with a prospective witness or a potential jury member.

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