Bail Is A Constitutional Right

“Excessive bail may not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” So reads the 8th Amendment to the US Constitution.

The amendment actually contains three individual clauses that each deal with the way our criminal justice system treats those who have been charged with a crime. The Excessive Bail clause relates specifically to the right of the defendant to be released from custody pending his trial date. It stipulates that the amount of bail be reasonable and in accordance with the crime.

The amendment basically states that if a defendant pays the bail amount set by the courts he will be allowed to go on with his life outside of confinement with the understanding that he will appear for any and all assigned court dates. The amendment does however, provide certain conditions that will apply to the decisions regarding the granting of bail.

The severity of the crime in question is an important consideration as is the possible threat that the defendant may pose if he is released to the community at large. If the defendant is employed in the jurisdiction and/or has family ties that bind him there the court may consider him to be a responsible enough person to live up to his obligations.

Even when the defendant is given the opportunity to be released on bail and even though the bail amount may be seen as being reasonable under the provisions of the eighth amendment, most people won’t be able to afford to pay out of pocket. Fortunately for them, as well as for the jail system, bail agencies like BWB Bail Bonds in Denver are available to offer their services.

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