Bail with Bryan

We are a down-to-earth Bail Bond Company, dedicated to giving our clients professional and practical consideration. We will do our very best in every aspect of our involvement in your case.
These are some of the benefits we can offer to our Denver clients:

  • Fast Response – you call and we’re there!

Quick Release – This is so important, because time spent in jail means precious time spent away from family. Also, lost work time can lead to risk of loss of employment because of absenteeism. Our goal is to see that our clients miss little or no work deadlines
Expertise in the bail bond process – Our Denver agents will guide you every step of the way, from paying the initial bail money , through to the settlement of your case.
Knowledge of courtroom procedure – our agents can explain legal terms and how they apply to your case. Courtroom jargon can be hard to understand, especially when you’re under the pressure of being the defendant.

Experience in the judicial system – Bryan Easley himself, founder of Bail With Bryan, has worked in law enforcement. He has seen how good people can find themselves behind bars because of a series of unfortunate events or a situation that goes out of control.

* Flexible payment plans – There are various options available to you, including payment with major credit cards.

*All paperwork is processed through the use of computer technology/fax and begins the minute you call. Your bond application can be okayed before we get off the phone!

*Bonds for all situations – we handle all kinds of cases, and will assess your bond needs as soon as we know the particulars of your case.

*Availability – A Denver agent can be on your case as soon as you call. We are on hand to help you any time of the night or day!

*References – hearing first hand, from Denver clients who have been highly satisfied with our services, can set your mind at ease and assure that you have made the right choice by calling our agency.

*Surety bonds – we have the resources to meet the requirements of any reputable surety company in Denver.

Call Bail With Bryan – we can help!

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