Meet Your Bail Bondsman in the Denver Metro Area

Bryan Easley

Bryan Easley started BWB Bail Bonds because he has worked as a law enforcement agent and is an expert in peace enforcement. He understands that good people need help every so often and saw the need for someone with his level of experience to help people in negative situations. At BWB Bail Bonds we are your ally in helping you or your family through the justice system. Things happen in life and sometimes they land a person in jail. It could be a simple roadside incident, a domestic matter that gets out of hand or even a misunderstanding.

William Jay Thomas

William “Jay” Thomas has been a bond agent since 2009. Prior to coming to the BWB team, he was employed at Paladin Bail Bonds. Being a Bail bondsman in Denver is not just a job for him, it is a way of life. Growing up, he was the middle child of 13 brothers and sisters; this taught him how to be honest and fair. Prior to becoming a Bond Agent Jay has been a Model and a Videographer for several major networks. He understands people can get in bad situations and need help. He believes that honesty and hard work deliver the best results, not only in life but within the Court system as well. Fulfilling the BWB motto of, “Your friendly neighborhood Bond Agent” if you need someone that is honest, fair, and hardworking, give Jay a call at 720-634-2255. He will do his best to ensure that you get the help you need.

Amada Ruybal

Amada Ruybal a life time San Luis Valley resident raised on a farm and loves to hunt. As a Native American, Amada’s philosophy of hunting is to create an atmosphere of friendliness and fellowship. These same philosophies permeate every aspect of her life thus making her an ideal Bail Bonding Agent. Amada is a mother of 6 children and 25 grandchildren with whom she shared in the successes or failure of the hunt. Amada is the middle child of 14 brothers and sisters; this refined her excellent public relation skills and sensitivity to the needs of consumers. With such a large family Amada knows how easily people can land in jail with something as simple as forgetting a court date or paying a parking ticket. Growing up in the valley Amada is familiar with the diverse cultures the Valley has to offer and is fluent in the Spanish language. Amada has worked in Health, Family and Community Partnerships, with Volunteers, Resource Development, and mediation. Amada has a proven record of developing excellent working relationships. Give Amada a call at 719-722-2624 and become a member of her valley family.

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