Bail Bond FAQ’s

Welcome to our bail bonds FAQ, where we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the process. Understanding what bail is, how bail bonds for Colorado jails and premiums work, as well as navigating the process and procedures encompassing them can be complicated – we hope this information sheds a light and gets you one step closer to approaching the situation correctly. A BWB Bail Bonds Bail bondsman can answer every question and concern you may have, but here are the top 10 questions we get on any given day. For more information about our Colorado bail bond services, contact us!

Q.What is bail?

Everyone has a right to bail, which is an aspect of our legal system that allows for someone accused of a crime to become temporarily released from custody. In turn for release, either, the full bail amount, surety bond, or property must be posted to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. The amount of bail is determined by a Judge or Magistrate. See our “How Bail Bonds Work” page for a more in-depth discussion.

Q.What is a bail bond & how does a bail bond work?

A bail bond is like insurance, provided by a third-party business, agency or individual that promises the court that the amount of bail will be paid in the event that the defendant does not appear as required. A Surety Bond Agent/Agency charges a “premium” or fee, to make this promise to the Court. The fee is a percentage of the full bail amount, in Colorado that percentage is either 15% or $50.00, whichever is greater. For example if the bond is $5,000.00 the fee (premium) would be $750.00. Ask us about discount percentages on large bond amounts.

Q.What is the difference between the bond amount and the bond premium?

The bond amount is set by a Judge or Magistrate, and is the total amount of money (or cash) that is required to release the defendant until final resolution of the court case. A bond premium is the amount of money a Surety Bond Agent will charge to post a “promise to pay the court” for the bond amount. The Bond Premium is based on a percentage of the bond amount that is paid to the Bond Agent/Agency.

Q.What is the Premium?

In Colorado, the premium is either 15% or $50.00, whichever is greater, of the total bail amount. This is a nonrefundable sum that the bail bond agent/agency receives in return for posting the bond with a promise to pay the entire bond amount if the defendant fails to appear in court. Agencies that charge less than 10% are… well let’s just say you get what you pay for and you should question their reliability. Ask us about discount percentages on large bond amounts.

Q.What is “Bond forfeiture” and when can this happen?

When a defendant fails to appear for a scheduled court date, in addition to a Warrant being issued for the defendant’s arrest, the Judge also orders that the bond be forfeited. What this means is the Judge is ordering that the defendant be arrested and that the bond amount that was posted for defendant be paid. Remember earlier we said that the Bond Agent/Agency makes a promise to pay the court; well the promise is now due.

Q.What is a Co-Signer?

A co-signer can be anyone, a friend, family member, supervisor, co-worker, or long lost love, as long as they are willing to help the person in jail make their court dates. The co-signers responsibilities are; that if the defendant fails to appear in court they are willing to pay the entire amount of bond or whatever it costs (up to the amount of bond) to return the defendant to the court. That said we want to make sure that you are ready, able and willing to take on those responsibilities.

Q.How can I pay for a Bail Bond?

We offer several payment options, and require payment in advance of posting bond for a defendant– whether that is through cash, check or a credit card. We currently recognize Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

In order to serve you better, we also offer flexible financing and payment plans and even no collateral bonds. We know that the total cost of a bail bond can often be hard to tackle in one shot, and do our best to make it easier on you.

Q.When do I get my collateral back?

When the Bond is discharged, this occurs when the defendant is found Innocent, found guilty or enters a plea of Nolo Contendere (no contest). If the defendant takes a “Plea Bargain” this also would be entering a plea of guilty, only to lesser charges and would discharge the bond.

Once the Bond has been Discharged (released) AND all fees/premiums/costs have been paid, the Bond Agent/Agency has 10 working days to return your collateral. The defendant must bring the “Bond Release” or Certificate of Bond Discharge to the Agent/Agency; this is easily obtained from the Court Clerk and is usually given to the defendant at no cost.

Q.What is the procedure for bonding someone out of jail?

The first telephone call you will have with a BWB Bail Bonds Agent will be to gather information about the person in jail, the situation and you. No two bonds are alike, each situation is different. The size and situation of the bond will determine the amount of premium, the amount of collateral or co-signers needed. Most bonds are approved while you are on the phone with us. We work under the assumption that every bond can be posted!

Upon approval, you will be required to complete some paperwork, including a Bail Bond Application, Indemnity Agreement, Disclosure Statement and Receipt. When payment has been received, a BWB Bail Bonds Agent will go to the jail and post the bond for your friend or loved one.

Q.Can your company swiftly handle bail bonds for any jail in Colorado?

Yes. If you are in need right now, do not hesitate, contact us immediately. We begin working the bond as soon as you call. We have Agents throughout the State of Colorado and the Continental United States. We can handle all paperwork electronically or by fax.