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A personal recognizance bond for a DUI offense is almost unheard of these days, so unless you can come up with the cash, ( you can expect to pay $50.00 – $10,000.00 for a DUI misdemeanor charge, and up to $50,000.00 for a felony, all depending on any previous record) you will need the help of the best Aurora bondsman to get you out of jail fast.  Call BWB Bail Bonds @ 720-358-2908 anytime, day or night.  They can arrange for a surety bond, and you will be free before you know it.


You can ask a family member to make the arrangements – a BWB representative will be happy to meet with them at the jail –  in many cases the jailer will let you have access to your personal belongings, and your credit card.

If you can’t raise the bail, a court appointed lawyer may be able to get it reduced.  BWB will work with you to arrange a payment plan that you can afford.  Your best Aurora bondsman is ready and willing to help.

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