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When you’re trying to find a bail bond agency that can help you get a friend out of jail asap time is not something you can afford to waste. On the other hand you want to make sure that you’re doing business with a reputable operation, one that has had experience dealing with the court system of the jurisdiction where your friend is being detained. If you can nail down some basic information about the agency and its representatives you will feel more at ease about putting your faith in their hands.

First up, ask for credentials. A trustworthy bail bond agency will be licensed with the state through the Department of Insurance. It should also be rated by the Better Business Bureau. Ask the agent that you speak to how the BBB has rated the agency and go online to www.bbb.org/ to check for yourself.

The going rate charged by bail bond agencies is 10% of the total amount of the bail set by the judge. If an agency offers you a lower percentage consider it a red flag. A company of reputable agents will get more than enough business and will not feel the need to lower their rates.

A responsible bail bond agent will be more than willing to guide you through the process and offer advice along the way. He will be aware of the probability that this is your first experience in dealing with the bail system. Experience will have shown him that clients who know what to expect are much better able to cope.

Speaking of expectations, no bail bond agent can legitimately predict how soon a detainee will be released for custody. Your agent should explain that the jail system works on its own schedule and that a speedy release will depend on how crowded the court docket is and if the necessary paperwork goes through without a hitch.

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