Arrange For Convenient Collateral With Your Aurora Bail Bondsman

You may offer the collateral for a bail bond in the form of a credit card, property, or any worthy item – like an antique piece, or a painting. If you do use a credit card, the bondsman will charge it, and put the money away for safekeeping. Most people use a property deed, or a pink slip, which will be held by the bondsman until the bail conditions have been met, and you have had your day in court. Once your case has been resolved, your collateral will be returned to you.

Discuss your bail arrangements with your Aurora bail bondsman. Bryan Easley and his staff at BWB Bail Bonds are there to help you and your family through a tough time in your lives. They know that getting you out of jail is the first step on the road to getting the charges against you dissolved.

Call for fast and courteous help from BWB Bail Bonds, your Aurora bail bondsman: 720-358-2908.

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