Are You Ready To Take Responsibility?

If your best friend has been arrested and is not eligible to be released on his own recognizance he will need to pay the court a certain amount of money in order to get out of jail. If this is the case that friend will more than likely need financial assistance in the form of a bail bond and since he is still behind bars he will need your help in arranging it.

Your first priority is to yourself. Co-signing a bail agreement means taking on a big responsibility. Maybe you were witness to the events leading up to his arrest and you know that your friend has been wrongly accused or maybe it’s just that you know him so well and are convinced that he can be trusted. Whatever the case may be, you have decided to put yourself on the line to see that your buddy has every chance to get back home to his loved ones and hire a lawyer to build a case for his defense. Next step, find a bail agency.

Most people don’t have a clue as to how to go about hiring a bail bondsman but the wide diversity of the internet can help. Search the websites till you hit on an agency that covers all the bases. It’s important that the bondsman you will be working with be familiar with the court system in the jurisdiction in which the defendant is being held. Look for a well-established agency that employs people with experience in the field of law enforcement.

A bondsman’s job doesn’t end when his client leaves the jailhouse. He shares in the obligations that you as the indemnitor of the bail agreement have assumed. If there are any stipulations assigned to the bail contract, for instance, the agent will help see to it that they are followed to the letter.

The basis of the bail system is the promise that the defendant makes to be present for all required court dates, including his ultimate trial. It is in the best interests of everyone involved that he does so.

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