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Bail Bonding In Arapahoe County Coordinates With Local Law Enforcement And Detention Center Officials

Most defendants that come before the Colorado courts will be granted the right to be released on bail. Exceptions may apply to murder cases, or other charges involving particularly violent crimes. Bail amounts and conditions are set down by judges, based on the circumstances surrounding each individual case, and always considering the safety of the community at large. Bonding agents in Arapahoe County work through the systems in effect in the daily operation of the county jail, and the courts.

Arapahoe County court approved bail may come in the form of a cash bond, which will be returned to the defendant when all court stipulations have been met. A property bond cannot be processed at the detention center but may be posted at the Arapahoe County Combined Court Clerk’s Office. A state licensed bondsman can post a surety bond for his client’s release. Directories for local bonding agencies may be available at the center, but staff members will not be able to recommend a particular bondsman.

The detention facility in the City of Centennial currently accommodates an inmate capacity of close to 1500. Staff members there include civilian, and medical personnel, as well as departmental deputies. The center is accredited by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care Association, as well as the American Correctional Association. The facility participates in the RISE (Restoring Individuals Safely and Effectively), program. It can provide services for up to 22 individuals who have been determined incompetent to stand trial, and referred by the courts for inpatient restoration treatment.

One of the programs that the Arapahoe Sheriff’s Department is affiliated with is the Drug Drop Box for the benefit and safety of the residents of county communities. It provides a legal and safeguarded outlet for the disposal of unused prescription drugs that could possibly lead to accidental overdoses or pollution of natural rainfall. Medications collected from the drug drop box are securely disposed of in an appropriate way. Questions and guidelines can be addressed to the Community Resources section of the County Sheriff’s Office.

The Judicial Services Division of the 18th Judicial District, and Arapahoe County Courts system have alternative sentencing options available for consideration, in order to cut costs to detention facilities and to boost the success rate of the rehabilitation of felons. The Community Corrections Board scrutinizes convicted offenders to determine where they will best fit into the penal system, as well as concluding whether or not an inmate is ready to re-enter society. The Pre-trial release program offers counsel to the courts on conditions under which a defendant may be granted bail. The program oversees the behavior of defendants while they are free on bail, until the time of their trial. Bail bondsmen are also responsible for the conduct of their clients and help make sure that all conditions of bail are followed, and court appearances made.