Another Kind Of Insurance

The best way to understand the US bail system is to think of it in the same way you would an insurance policy since that’s basically how it works. Bail is an amount of money or a form of collateral that is promised to the court in return for letting a defendant be free to await his court date in his own home. It is not a completely unselfish agreement on the part of the prosecution since the arrangement will prevent the jails from becoming dangerously overcrowded and save the taxpayers the money that would be necessary to feed and house the defendant while he awaits judgement.

If a defendant is willing to risk the loss of a piece of property or a prized family heirloom in order to gain his temporary freedom it is more than likely that he will stay around and appear for mandatory court hearings and trial dates. That’s the kind of insurance against flight risk that the legal system can rely on. The greater the chances seem that the defendant might flee, the higher the bail amount will be.

Bail bond services and their agents must be licensed by the state to issue surety bonds which are endorsed by an established insurance agency in the state. The state department of insurance is in charge of authorization.

If an agreement is breached by the defendant whatever was presented as bail will be forfeited to the courts. In some cases however, the court will grant the bail agent some time to find the uncooperative defendant and bring him to justice. The bail is then returned at the conclusion of the trial regardless of which way the verdict goes.

Without the bail system defendants would have no recourse but to remain in jail until their trial date, which could be a substantial spell, unless they could afford to pay the entire amount of the bail set by the judge in the case – most of us could not.

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