An Experienced Professional Can Relieve Some Of The Stress

There may be more arrests made for driving under the influence of alcohol than any other charge. Because of the number of DUI cases that the courts have to deal with many jurisdictions have set aside specific courtrooms to hear only those cases. State laws also may vary some in how they approach DUI offenses, including the rules about bail.

Colorado law allows for bail to be granted in most cases of DUI. A surety bond can be arranged for by the defendant himself or by a friend or family member. The bondsman will charge the usual fee of 15% for his services, and the defendant will be free to go pending specified court dates.

The law applies certain stipulations in cases involving defendants who have a previous record of arrests for DUI. Before a judge grants bail under such circumstances Colorado regulations require him to place the defendant under court supervision. The defendant will be monitored to make sure he refrains from any alcohol or illegal drug consumption as a condition of his bail. In addition, the defendant will not be allowed to participate in any court hearing while still under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The judge will decide what the amount of the bail will be. He can adhere strictly to the state bail schedule, or he can use his own discretion. Considerations that he will take into account will include the defendant’s past work record and if he is gainfully employed at the present time. The judge will determine if the defendant lives within the boundaries of the jurisdiction and if he has family ties that will encourage him to stay in the area and be responsible to appear at designated court hearings.

Being arrested and facing the possible loss of your rights or even of your freedom is one of the most stressful times that you can experience. If it happens to you reach out for help from BWB Bail Bonds in Denver. Bryan Easley and his associates provide services throughout the state of Colorado. Call them @ 720-358-2901.

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