An Experienced Bondsman Can Help In Many Ways

The bail hearing is the stage of a court case in which the judge determines if bail is to be allowed and if so what the bail amount will be.  These decisions are left up to the discrimination of the judge who will consider all of the circumstances surrounding not only the crime but a personal account of the defendant.  Specifics will include the existence of a  criminal history, whether or not the defendant resides in the jurisdiction and is employed there, and of course the factors involved in the reason for the defendant’s arrest.

Most defendants will be granted bail.  The exceptions are rare and usually stem from the judge seeing the defendant as a threat to others or as a high flight risk or if the crime is a felony that could institute the death penalty.  But if the judge finds it appropriate he is accorded the authority to attach definite conditions to the bail agreement.

Once bail has been set your bondsman will start the ball rolling to arrange for your release, but that won’t be the end of your contact with him.  Every defendant who has been released on bail will be responsible to report to the court at each appointed hearing.  If the bail constitutes that the defendant conform to certain restrictions in order to maintain his release the bondsman will take on the responsibility of helping the defendant comply.

Bail bondsmen and the agencies they work for are used to dealing with the particulars surrounding provisional bail.  They may be of help in setting clients up with suitable community service assignments.  If some sort of drug rehabilitation has been designated as part of the compromise a bail bondsman will be acquainted with outreach centers and clinics available in the area.

When you decide to enlist the services of a  well-respected bail bonding agency you are putting yourself and your family in experienced hands.  BWB in Denver and with locations throughout Colorado, is among the best of the best.  Call 720-358-2908 for 24/7 service.

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