An Experienced Bail Bondsman Can Help You Out Of A Serious Situation

A felony crime is one that is punishable by one or more years of incarceration in a prison facility. Each state determines what particular crimes constitute a felony but the seriousness of the crime is always a definitive factor.

The prosecutor will make a decision as to whether or not to pursue felony charges in any criminal case. Federal jurisdictions and some states rely on a grand jury to hear evidence and in other states the prosecutor will present his case directly to a judge at a preliminary hearing.

If you are arrested on a felony charge being released on your own recognizance or with a notice to appear will not be an option. The law demands that you appear before a judge for an arraignment hearing and enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. During the arraignment hearing you will be informed of your right to have a lawyer and the court will provide you with representation if you can’t afford to make arrangements on your own. If you don’t have a defense lawyer at this time it will be in your best interests to put off making your plea until you do.

The judge will also decide if you are eligible for bail during the arraignment hearing. His decision will rest on several factors including whether or not you present a flight risk or if the crime you are accused of involved a considerable act of violence. Things are more likely to go in your favor if you can convince the judge that you are a well established member of the community with a family to consider and that you have a substantial source of employment. In some cases it may be helpful if you show a willingness to cooperate with specific conditions assigned to your bail such as attending rehab sessions or wearing a home monitoring device. If the judge in your case denies your bail at arraignment you may request a bail hearing to ask for a reversal of his decision.

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