An Experienced Agent Is Your Best Ally

Part of any bail agreement is the precondition that the defendant return to court for his trial date and for any hearings that the court may schedule in the time leading up to the actual trial.

Both the defense and the prosecution are busy building their respective cases right up to the time of the trial. As the evidence is gathered and witnesses are prepared to testify certain issues will inevitably arise that will require a determination by the court. When this happens the court will convene to hear the arguments and in some instances the defendant will be required to be present. A dedicated bail agent will make sure that the defendant is aware of the impending court date and that he is in attendance and on time for the hearing.

What kind of controversy could cause the court to summon all parties to appear before the trial even begins? The defense attorney for instance, may discover that the arresting officer had no “probable cause” to detain the defendant. If he can produce the evidence to prove his case before the court the charges against the defendant could be dismissed before he is brought to trial.

One of the most important advantages of being free on bail is that the defendant will be able to help in his own defense. Being arrested is stressful to say the least but given time to calm down and think about what actually took place leading up to and during his arrest the defendant may very well remember something that could turn his case completely around.

The prosecution is obliged to provide the defense with a list of witnesses that they intend to call at trial. The defense attorney will then be able to investigate to determine if there is reason to question the competency of any of these witnesses. Documentation of proof must be presented at an official court hearing.

From the time of arraignment until the dissolution of the case a BWB Bail Bonds agent will be on hand to answer any questions the defendant or his family members may have. Call BWB in Denver @ 720-358-2908.

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