An Aurora Bondsman From BWB Will Take Over ASAP

If you are arrested on a charge of DUI, you will have to be “booked”into the system before you can arrange for bail.  At this time officers will take your basic information, to be filed along with your arrest report, fingerprints, and photo.  Your personal belongings will be taken from you, to be kept in safe holding until your release.

Once you’ve been processed, you will be allowed to call  an Aurora bondsman. Their agents are on call 24/7 all across the state of Colorado.  When an agent is notified, he will take over your case, and work through the court system to get a timely release.

Your bail amount will depend on the circumstances  of your arrest – was anybody injured?, your history –  were you arrested on a similar charge before this?, and whether you are connected to the community, through family, or employment.

Your BWB representative will make the necessary arrangements with the court to meet the bail, and you can be on your way.  You can rely on your  Aurora bondsman for  quick results, and confidentiality.  call BWB @ 720-358-2908.

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